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Meet the Creative Director: One Gregg Kane

employee-greggkane My most memorable experience at the IRW: Once whilst pouring wines for the Chicago Art Guild, a customer tried our Claret and immediately told me to send it in to Wine Spectator review. I thought she was just another rabid Oenophile, but then she introduced herself as one of Wine Spectators’ professional tasting staff! Long story short, that vintage went on the be the highest rated red wine ever made from Illinois grapes. Thank you lady, whoever you were. What I like most about my job: Well, if you were to visit me in the Lab, you would see about a hundred bottles in the rack that await my tasting. Yes, I really suffer on the job…the stress of having to taste all those highly rated wines. And I know I am supposed to spit them out as I taste them, but when no one is around, hmmm, all I will say is “what happens in Utica, stays in Utica!” How I got involved in the IRW: As the founding Wine Maker, I have been here since the beginning. We were the 36th winery to open in Illinois since prohibition, and now there are over a hundred. What a ride! What I look forward to at the Winery: Aside from popping in the Tasting Room from time to time and meeting so many wonderful people out on the patio, it has to be the process of developing new wines. What’s not fun about that? My favorite wine: For a red: it’s currently the Cabernet Franc, Rose’: First Blush, and a white?: the Summer Sun is a great Sav. Blanc. My dream Wine trip: That’s an easy one. I just took it: the South of France this last June for 2 ½ weeks through Bordeaux – Sarlat – Carcasonne. Stopping every night to buy locally produced wines, wine and cheese picnics, Dordogne river cruise, Cave paintings, Castles, Chateaus, great weather and good friends. More about me: What most people don’t know is that I have four great kids. And that my other passion is mountaineering. Just this year I have been in Colorado knocking off 14-ers in the winter, and recently went to the Tetons to Climb the Grand. Next year its Rainier in winter, and Denali in the spring.